Saturday, 3 August 2013

Paraty & a day of rest.

As this week rolled in, it stopped raining and the weather started to heat up again. So on Wednesday morning my Uncle and I decided to make the four hour drive to Paraty, a small seaside town bordering the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where the locals have wasted no time in making up merchandise playing on all possible variations of the Paraty - Pirate pun.

Paraty is a beautiful, old town, with cobbled streets which dip in the middle making a kind of natural gutter, which comes in very handy every spring when the sea's high tides flood the town. We had a wonderful time walking around the town, drinking a lot of caipirinhas and buying our faire share of artisan goodies and t-shirts.


We also decided to take a boat trip to some of the towns surrounding islands (yes, it would appear no matter where you are in Brazil, you will be plagued with idyllic scenery) and I invested in a snorkel and some flippers so I was able to jump off the boat and explore the underwater wildlife. The boat journey and the islands were beautiful, but sadly the underwater visibility was pretty poor.

We got back from Paraty yesterday and the temperatures in Rio have soared. Today it was 33° by 10am, which I guess is a fairly reasonable temperature for a Brazilian, but with my English blood I was dying. So we had a lazy day by the pool with a barbecue and dogs, one of whom decided to take a dip with us.

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