Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Before coming to Bonito, I spoke to my Grandmother about where I was going, saying that I was off to do some further adventuring. She replied that she knew exactly where I was going and that it was an awful place with huge snakes, crocodiles and all sorts of other beastly creatures. My Uncle helpfully added that there were piranhas too. Today I bought her this postcard:

So, yesterday my final week in Brazil began and yesterday, I took two planes and drove for four hours (including a 100km down a dirt road) to reach my final destination before flying home - Bonito.

Bonito is a strange city, next to the Pantanal and having got used to the 'if that's a bit of land that hasn't already got a house i'll build on it' attitude of Rio it's somewhat unnerving to be in a place where all the buildings are so spread out... and although in the town's center all the roads are tarmac, most of the roads leaving Bonito are dirt tracks. However, it's down these dirt tracks that Bonito starts to get interesting.

This morning, I went wandering through two absolutely stunning caverns/grottos/caves. I've never been inside a cavern/grotto/cave before, unless you count Chislehurst Caves in London, which despite being an extremely historical site is not at all comparable to the places I visited today. Unfortunately my ability to take photos is waining (probably due to copious caipirinha consumption) and so these are the best of the worst.

After exploring the caves, we drove to a place called the municipal baths. For any English person, this would imply a large communal swimming pool, but this wasn't the case. We paid a mere 15 Reais (5 euros) entry and spent the afternoon floating down a clear-water river and swimming with the fishes. There were also lots of monkeys and Macaw(caws) and very sadly a roadkill Armadillo (first time I've ever seen one).

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