Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Box Codax are the band you know you shouldn't like. They are the so-called guilty pleasure.

And they definately don't deserve the title they often seem to be given; another one of Franz Ferdinand's side projects. From the moment you hear the opening line of Naked Smile, you know that Box Codax are probably about as close to insanity as you can be without actually being locked up. A far cry from the easily relatable lyrics of Alex Kapranos.

Still, your sandals are worth 1000 lilacs.

However, this only adds to their charm. They are almost Kraftwerk-esque with a deep, squelching synth acting as a bass, laid over the top of high pitched, almost tuneless lyrics and a heavy drumbeat. There is something about the way they pull together elements of different musical genres and just make them work that doesn't seem right.

Alexander Ragnew, Manuela Gernedel and Nick McCarthy know what they're doing. You might not have heard about them yet, but if Nick manages to get away from Franz Ferdinand for five minutes, i'm sure you will.

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