Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Presenting... Gallon Drunk

Being the music lover that I am I thought it was time I told you about one of my favourite bands.

Gallon Drunk are one of those bands who don't care to follow each musical fad and trend. When they play, they're playing the way they know how to and the way they always have done. James Johnston (Gallon Drunk's frontman) may be the only member left from the original line-up but he knows how to make sure his band don't lose their individual sound or spectacular perfomance. But how does he do it? He makes sure that when his band plays they are playing for themselves and their fans, that they're playing because it's what they love to do and nothing else.

They formed in 1990 and since then every single they have released has made it to Single of the week in either NME or Melody Maker.
The band's frontman James Johnston has even collaborated with Nick Cave and become one of his Bad Seeds. They are a band who are undeniably cool yet lack the media attention they deserve.

Critics claim that GD do little more than 'rip-off' the style of Nick Cave but they are wrong, these bands are two completely seperate entities. Whilst Nick Cave's music is angry, agressive and heavily layered, GD's music is dark with an electric atmosphere.

Draggin' Along is one of the first songs they wrote and my absolute favourite, it shows just what this band were capable of right at the outset. It's a song which makes your heart beat at an unsteady rythmn as the sound courses through your veins. The melody is in the lyrics which are broken up by bursts of screechy, distorted guitar improvisation and while the drum beat is simple, it holds the song together and keeps the entire sound tight - it is the constant.

Their most recent single Grand Union Canal is a slightly more obvious song, as it is gentler and less obscure but that doesn't make it any less brilliant. Unlike many bands, Gallon Drunk have the capacity to write a song which appeals to a larger audience without becoming completely mainstream. They are unique and they want to keep it that way.

They're a band who have been around a long time, which makes me think that they must be doing something right but all I can recommend to you, is that you go and listen for yourself!

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